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Coach Turnlock Chain Clutch Green Leather w/Gold


Description: Beautiful Green Soft Leather; Set Off With Light Stitching Gold Trim; Zip Pocket Across Front With Leather Pull; Fold Over Flap With Gold Metal Circles And Turnkey Lock; Shoulder Strap Gold Metal With Green Leather Woven Together; Strap Has Dog Leash Snaps On Both Ends And Can Be Removed From Bag. Green Leather Hang Tag With Coach Imprint. Top Zip Opening With Leather Pull.

Interior: Golden Tan Fabric Lining; Zip Pocket One Side With Leather Patch With Coach Creed Key Ring; Cell And Extra Pocket Other Side;

Perfect Bag For Any Occasion, Day Or Evening!

Approximate measurements: 10 1/2" W X 6 1/2" T X 2" D

MFSRP $358.00

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