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Coach Handbag - Side

$89.00 $71.20

Description: This over the shoulder bag is just beautiful. Its great for everyday wear. It's slim feature is perfect when you want a shoulder bag that isn't bulky. It stays close to your side with an adjustable strap that measures 46 inches long. It can be adjusted to hang across your shoulder or to be used on one shoulder.

Silver snap front pocket, Zipper top, Khaki Material inside, pink/signature C coach bow tie on left side of strap. Straps are removable. The back side of the bag has another zipper opening (this side stays close to the body, so for trips, important docs and IDs can be stored there).

Interior: Inside of bag is lined with a khaki/brown color.

Approximate measurements: 7.5 inches wide X 9 inches height X 1 inch thick

MFSRP $148.00

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